Monday, February 15, 2010

Honey-Soy Glazed Salmon With Spinach and Peppers

Last night, I made Honey-Soy Glazed Salmon with Spinach and Peppers. This recipe only takes 20 minutes and it was very easy to follow. Overall, I liked it very much, but there are a few things I'd change about it:

  • I actually only picked up a 10 oz bag of spinach instead of the 12 cups the recipe called for and it was plenty.

  • The glaze was too faint for me--I really liked the taste and I wanted more of it! Next time I will definitely double it for the glaze and have extra to add after cooking.

  • This is definitely a low-carb meal and it actually didn't even occur to me to have a starch until I sat down to eat (I think I was too hungry to think). Next time, I'll make a side of rice and toss it with the extra honey-soy sauce I'll be making.

  • Had some leftovers today and it still tasted good--but the ginger must have sunken into the spinach more, because it was much stronger today. Something to keep in mind if ginger ain't your favorite spice girl.

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